Required actions before start working

1. Before the work on grinding equipment, it is necessary to wear overalls.

2. Clothes should cover the body tightly and should not have dangling ends and strings.

3. Check the existence and fastening security of the protective means and the connection of protection earth to the machine body.

4. Before start working, check the existence and intactness of the grinding wheel drive housing, check the intactness and existence of all fences and devices, the reliability of grinding tools clamping.

5. Before installation on the machine, the wheel should be inspected for body entirety, absence of cracks and delamination.

6. After installation, the wheel should be scrolled idling at operating speed within 2-5 minutes.

7. Adjust the local lighting of the machine in such a way to have a working area build-up lighted and the light won’t be glaring.

8. During the work the personal protective equipment should be used.