STANDARD diamond and CBN tools for machine building, glass, woodworking and other industries.

F1W Swmicircular mounted points

F1W D*T*L*V*r1*r2


Internal profile grinding

Internal grinding of complex surfaces.


Example of an order for a diamond mounted point    F1W (catalog number 9-3137), parameters 10-14-6-60-2-15 with dia­monds AC4 grit size D107, concentration 100 %, with resin bond R5-01: 9-3137    F1W 10-14-6-60-2,0 – 15   AC4   D107  100%  R5-01

The plant produces the above-mentioned shapes and dimensions of grinding points with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN).

Example of an order for a CBN point shaped F1W (catalog number 9-3137) parameters 10-14-6-60-2,0-15, CBN type is CBN1, grit size B107, concentration of CBN is 100%, resin bond R1-05:    9-3137   F1W  10-14-6-60-2,0 – 15   CBN1  B107  100%  R1-05


Attention: POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS produces other sizes of the given shape of diamond tool.