STANDARD diamond and CBN tools for machine building, glass, woodworking and other industries.


12R4 D*W*X*T*H


used for sharpening and finishing of face surface of reamer teeth, mills, hob cutters, circular saws, drawing dies and tools made of tungsten carbide.

Face grinding


Example of an order for a dish wheel 12R4 (catalog number 5-1041), parameters 125-3-2-13-32 with diamonds AC4 grit size D107, concentration 100 %, with resin bond R5-01: 5-1041   12R4 125-3-2-13-32  AC4   D107  100% R5-01

The plant produces the above-mentioned shapes and dimensions with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN).

Example of an order for a CBN wheel 12R4 (catalog number 5-1041) parameters 125-3-2-13-32, CBN type is CBN1, grit size B107, concentration of CBN is 100%, resin bond R1-05: 5-1041  12R4  125-3-2-13-32  CBN1 B107 100% R1-05


Attention: POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS produces other sizes of the given shape of diamond tool.